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Action Alert: Bahrain – Sunni citizen locked up by Bahraini authorities

The case of Mohamed Al-Buflasa confirms that the Bahraini government is falsely attributing a sectarian nature to the revolution taking place in Bahrain.

BREAKING NEWS / PRESS RELEASE: Bahrain – 7 of 10...


IHRC Trial Observer witnesses excessive use of police force against convicted men, their relatives and supporters inside and outside court;
Tear gas and rubber bullets used to disperse demonstrators outside court room

Saudi Arabia: Oral statement on the outcome of Saudi Arabia under...


IHRC documented official discrimination against Shia Muslims in religious practices, the justice system and marriage with their free and full consent.

Alert Update: Prolonged Violence and Detention of Shia minority in Nigeria

Following the death of popular Sunni cleric in Sokoto, persecution of Shia community at the hands of Nigerian security forces has increased.

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