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Turkey arrests Britons trying to illegally cross into Syria

The Turkish army has arrested nine British nationals trying to cross illegally into war-torn Syria

Press release: US allied intelligence officer hands over British girls to...

Success of IS in Iraq and Syria owes much to the support it is receiving from the West and it's allies

Ban On Returning British Jihadis Criticised

Powers to stop some British fighters returning from Syria and Iraq is an "announcement waiting for a policy"

New anti-terror proposals criticized in UK

Proposed powers include giving police access to online data and ordering universities to ban 'extremist speakers' from their campuses

Press release: Police anti terror drive destined to fail

Counter-terrorism officers intend to inform people at schools, universities, airports, shopping centres, cinemas and farms about terrorism

Open letter to the Muslim community in the UK

The rise of the organization calling itself the Islamic State poses another huge challenge to the global Muslim ummah

Jihadi law brings us closer to a police state

The new proposed powers would not protect us from violent attack. They threaten democratic rights

UK anti-terror moves demonize Muslims

Arzu Merali on the new British counter-terrorism measures

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