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UK Muslims reject notion of ‘collective guilt’ over Foley

Clamor to tie the faith of Islam to the Islamic State's (IS) apparent murder of a U.S. journalist in Syria

UK govt does not know where it stands when it comes...

Read RT's interview with Massoud Shadjareh about British government policy and foreign fighters.

Press release: Confused government policy encourages foreign fighters

There needs to be more consistency in government's foreign policy.

UK counter-terrorism report criticized

Counter-terrorism report by MPs from UK's main parties criticized for policy reccomendations

Press release: Counter Terrorism measures unduly target Muslims

The continued focus on the Muslim community is disproportionate and discriminatory

Press release: Government approach to Muslim women criminalises community

A campaign is being launched to deter people from going to fight in Syria

Press release: Blair speech exposes misplaced concern for Zionist interests

Tony Blair is confusing national interests with Zionist interests

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