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Press release: Moazzam Begg arrest exposes UK hypocrisy

The charging of ex-Guantanamo detainee Moazzam Begg exposes a glaring hypocrisy at the heart of UK policy towards the conflict in Syria.

Press release: UK – IHRC concerned about arrest of Moazzam Begg

The IHRC views with grave concern today's arrest of Moazzam Begg on suspicion of alleged terrorism offences.

Joint Statement on Syria by Islamic Human Rights Commission and Citizens...

IHRC concerned about the on going violence in Syria and when justice will be restored

Shattered Dreams and Neo-Ottoman Nightmares

Arzu Merali reflects on the crisis of politics in Turkey.

What’s new at www.ihrc.org.uk?

Updates on what has been happening in the past week including Eid packs 2013 campaign.

Syrian conflict must end for the sake of children: Massoud Shadjareh

IHRC chairman, Massoud Shadjareh speaks to Press TV about the Syrian conflict and child refugees.

Military intervention in Syria Aug/Sept 2013

Arendt on the Syrian conflict, and action proposed by Western countries.

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