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Justice system a ‘sexist operation’, study finds

The criminal justice system is condemned as an institutionally sexist operation that lets down female victims, fails to help women offenders out of a cycle of crime and prevents professionals reaching the top jobs.

PRESS RELEASE: USA – Open letter from IHRC to President Barack...

In open letter to Obama, IHRC Chair expresses that if torture “is never ok” for terrorism suspects in US custody, it must be no less true for American citizens serving out sentences in the US penal system.

Press Release: Control Orders and Abusive System provide No Security

IHRC reiterates its opposition to control orders.

PRESS RELEASE: Report Explores Islamophobia, Double Standards and Discrimination in British...

IHRC's fifth report in the British Muslims' Expectations of the Government series is published today, Thursday 18 May 2006 and focuses on expectations of the law.

New IHRC Report on Islamophobia, Double Standards and Discrimination in British...

The fifth report in the BMEG series looks at minority rights, critical legal studies and overviews Muslim expectations and experience in the UK.

End Institutional Islamophobia in the British Education System

Over the last couple of years, IHRC has found itself dealing with an ever increasing number of cases of blatant Islamophobia and / or unlawful discrimination against Muslims, purely on the basis of their Muslim identity.

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