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Forwarded Alert – Your Last Chance to Help Babar Ahmad

Support Karl Watkins’ Private Prosecution of Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan

Interview | Hamja Ahsan and Turab Shah: “It is important to...

Hamja Ahsan and Turab Shah: A conversation published in Ceasefire Magazine

Forwarded Press Release: Event marks 6 years without trial for young...

Marking 6 years of Detention without trial for Talha Ahsan : Poetry, film & tributes

UK Event – 8 July screening of Extradition at Cambridge...

Join the screening of 'Extradition' at Cambridge Mosque

Event Alert: Extradition Screening at IHRC 7 July

Event Alert: Extradition Screening film at IHRC

Event Alert: Extradition Screening at IHRC

Join our own screening of 'Extradition' at the IHRC Bookshop, Gallery and Information Centre

Extradition – UK Film Screening Tour

New dates added on the UK Film Screening tour

Event Alert: Demonstration Outside Downing Street

Join the movement to stop extradition of British citizens

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