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Event Alert: Demonstration Outside Downing Street

Join the movement to stop extradition of British citizens

Action Alert: UK – Demand the trial of Talha Ahsan in...

Stop the clock and reverse the extradition of Talha Ahsan to have him tried in the UK

Forwarded Alert: UK – Stop the extradition of the UK citizens...

Help us to stop the extradition of the British citizens.

Imprisoned without charge: UK’s forgotten terror suspects

British citizen Talha Ahsan, accused of terror-related offences and detained at the request of the US in 2006.

ALERT: UK – Video of event ‘Poems from Prison’ available on-line

Video of the event ‘Poems from Prison: Commemorating 5 Years in Detention for Talha Ahsan’ and more resources are now available on-line.

Poems from Prison: Commemorating 5 Years in Detention for Talha Ahsan,...

Listen to Avaes Mohammed read Talha's poem written for this occasion and find out more about the campaign from Talha's Brother and Father.

Free Talha Ahsan: Q&A with lawyer Gareth Peirce

Gareth Peirce answers questions on the Talha Ahsan and Babar Ahmed cases. With contributions about Shaker Aamer also.

This Be the Answer: Poems from Prison Available online at IHRC...

Talha Ahsan’s poetry book, ‘This Be the Answer: Poems from Prison,’ is available at the IHRC bookshop and online.

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