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British Muslim detained for five years without charge

Human rights campaigners in the UK have commemorated the fifth anniversary of the detention without trial of a British Muslim student.

Extradition Crisis: The Case of Talha Ahsan

Omar Shahid Marks the five years of the imprisonment without trial of Talha Ahsan.

British Muslim detained for 5 years without charge

Talha Ahsan was arrested in 2006 in response to an extradition request from the USA.

Event Report: Free Talha Ahsan: An event marking five years of...

IHRC marked Talha Ahsan’s five years without trial with a poetry reading from Ahsan’s book written in prison entitled ‘This be the Answer.’

‘Forgotten’ terror suspect from Tooting nears five years in prison

The family of Tooting’s ‘forgotten’ terror suspect, who remains in jail without trial, are preparing to mark the fifth anniversary of his imprisonment.

FORWARDED PRESS RELEASE: UK – Extradition Detainee’s Family Commemorates 5th Year...

The family of Talha Ahsan will mark the fifth anniversary of his imprisonment without trial with readings of his poems written over the course of his detention, including a new piece entitled,“Extradition”.

Event Alert: Free Talha Ahsan Poetry Reading: Live on IHRC.TV

The Free Talha Ahsan event will be streaming live on IHRC.TV, watch the event as it unfolds and be part of the human rights campaign.

Free Talha Ahsan: Marking 5 years of detention without trial

Islamic Human Rights Commission marks 5 years of detention without trial of Talha Ahsan.

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