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Politicians and Media – Playing with the terror threat

Do politicians and the media use and sensationalise the security threat to win popularity and sell stories?

America and the War on Terror

An Event to be held at the London Muslim Centre (LMC) by the Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE) and the Centre For The Study Of Terrorism (CFSOT) on the topical issue of the \\\'War on Terror\\\'.

Racism, Liberty and War on Terror

Institute of Race Relations Conference

Press Release: IHRC Releases Updated Report on Effects of Terror Laws...

contains updated statistics on anti-terror arrests, details about Terrorism Act 2006 and an update on the original Belmarsh detainees.

Press Release: London Bombings Reports find no Justification for Terror Laws

IHRC reaction over the Londing bombing reports.

Press Release: UK Terrorism Bill – Who will be prosecuted for...

Response to the House of Commons vote that saw the proposed offence of glorification of terrorism reinserted in to the proposed Terrorism Bill

Urgent Alert: Campaign against Australian Terror Bill

The Islamic Human Rights Commission is urging all campaigners to take urgent action against forthcoming anti-terror legislation in Australia.

Press Release: Terror Bill will Fuel Community Tensions

IHRC is warning that new draconian anti-terror laws risk alienating British Muslims and could fuel community tensions.

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