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No justice for Muslims in Gujarat: Anti-Muslim arrests under India’s draconian...

IHRC expresses its dismay and concern at the latest wave of mass arrests targetted against Gujarat's already victimised and marginalised Muslim minority.

Conference to review ‘war on terrorism’

Members of Pax Christi and Christian CND will be attending a conference starting at 2pm this Saturday, 15 December, at the Greenwood Theatre, Guy's...

UK Terrorism Law Promotes Illegal Occupation

The British Government will announce today a list of proscribed organizations who allegedly fall under the scope of the Terrorism Act 2000.

Terrorism Act Comes Into Force: Muslim Community Likely to be Victimised

The notorious UK Terrorism Act 2000 will come into force this Monday, despite objections from numerous human rights organizations who have protested it.

The Killing in Kashmir and the Terrorism Act 2000

A suicide bomber carried out a car bomb attack on Christmas Day in Srinagar in Indian-occupied Kashmir, killing 10 people including six Indian soldiers and three Kashmiri students. According to the BBC (28 December), the suicide bomber is rumoured to have

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