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“The Palestinian Refugees in the West Bank and Gaza Strip

The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) Cordially Invites you to a public seminar

Campaign Resources: IHRC on BBC Radio 4’s ‘The Moral Maze’ on...

Campaigners can hear IHRC's Chair Massoud Shadjareh address the issues surrounding the murder of Sheikh Yassine on-line

The Impact of Zionism on Jewish, Christian and Muslim Relations

Friends of Al-Aqsa has organised a one day international multi-faith

The Civil Contingencies Bill

An overview of the British government's proposed Bill and its implications on human rights and civil liberties.

The Religion of Human Rights

Saeed Bahmanpour sets out the dilemma faced by most people who are faithful to God and at the same time want to make sure...

The Plight of Chechen Refugees in Georgia

--------------------------------------------------- Islamic Human Rights Commission --------------------------------------------------- 17 June 2003The Plight of Chechen Refugees in Georgia Following the second Russian invasion of Chechnya in...

Islamic Human Rights Commission presents ‘The Annual Islamophobia Awards’

This fundraising banquet takes a satirical look at the year's events and presents spoof awards to the biggest Islamophobes.

PRESS RELEASE: IHRC announces winners of ‘The Annual Islamophobia Awards’ 31st...

Following the end of public nominations, Islamic Human Rights Commission announces 2003's winners of the following 'The Annual Islamophobia Awards' categories.

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