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Press release – UK: More anti-extremism laws signal Tory intent to...

The legislation seeks powers to close down groups and premises (including mosques) found to be propagating or promoting so-called extremist values

Theresa May to ban radical preachers and organisations from schools

Home Office is compiling a banned list of radical groups

May calls on Muslims to respect UK values

Theresa May has urged British Muslims to help deal with extremism

Press release: UK – Home Secretary should be ashamed of playing...

IHRC condemns in the strongest possible terms the Tory Party's relentless attack on Muslim values

New anti-terror measures revealed

Theresa May said the threat from jihadists and other fanatics is "greater than it has ever been" 

Press release: Moazzam Begg release highlights anti-Muslim witchhunt

Today's court order throws into question the whole basis for arresting Mr Begg in the first place

Press release: Stop and search reforms are just window dressing

Abuse of stop and search powers is likely to persist without effective change

Press release: Theresa May favourite for annual Islamophobia prize

 The UK Home Secretary leads the race for first at Islamophobia awards. 

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