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‘Trojan Horse’ a UK Muslim school witch-hunt?

Muslim communities affected by the controversy claim the government is fuelling Islamophobia

UK Education Secretary says all schools should promote ‘British values’

Michael Gove says all schools should promote "British values" following revelations that some head teachers have failed to tackle religious extremism

Press release: Islamophobia runs rampant in ‘Trojan Horse’ conclusions

From the very outset the response of the authorities has been Islamophobic in nature, ideological in aim and disproportionate in scale.

A horse told Michael there’s a monster at our school

Comment piece by Gill Cressey on the 'Trojan Horse' row

Press release: Trojan Horse school row betrays anti-Muslim witchhunt

Investigations showcase the same Islamophobic tropes that gave rise to them

Operation Trojan Horse: What isn’t being said

Articles and opinion pieces on the so-called ‘Islamist’ plot to take over schools in Birmingham

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