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PRESS RELEASE – UK: Government’s new integration plans are doomed from...

Instead of pandering to bigots the government should start to address the exclusion caused by Islamophobia, discrimination and media demonisation

PRESS RELEASE – UK/Saudi Arabia: Britain must halt arms sales to...

A draft report by the cross party Committee on Arms Exports Control leaked to the press yesterday said it was likely British weapons had been used to violate international law

UK Prevent strategy ‘promoting extremism’, UN warns

Special rapporteur says Prevent strategy is having 'opposite of intended effect' and creating 'Big Brother' culture reminiscent of Soviet Union

PRESS RELEASE – UK: Extremism bill will destroy our freedoms not...

The proposals confirm our view that anti-terrorism policy is part of a wider social engineering exercise designed to control and shape Islam and Muslims in Britain

Britain’s Muslims through Trevor Phillips’ looking glass

Instead of asking them what they really think this poll asked Muslims to help perpetuate a prejudiced narrative that already exists against them

PRESS RELEASE – UK: IHRC Legal secures immigration victory for destitute...

The single mother was even denied help while she looked for a job to support herself and her children

Shame on you, Hilary Benn

You and your phantom battalions and dodgy dossiers have never mattered in struggles for justice

Muslim groups condemn Tories’ counter-extremism strategy

British Muslims have condemned the Tory government's new strategy to counter extremism in the country

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