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International Pressure On Myanmar Necessary

Massoud Shadjareh joins Press TV to discuss the need for international action on Myanmar.

Press release: US has blood on its hands over Egypt death...

Sentences indict the regime further

Submission of the Islamic Human Rights Commission to the United Nations...

IHRC presents it concerns on constitutional crisis and the military coup

Press Release: Saudi human rights commitment must be genuine

IHRC scecptical about Saudi claims

Myanmar Government Inquiry a Pointless Exercise

The idea of the Myanmar government investigating itself is ludicrous, argues Massoud Shadjareh.

No respite for the Rohingya

Comment piece on Myanmar by Yaseen Omar, UK based commentator.

Side Panel Meeting on Egypt

IHRC organised a panel at the UN in Geneva 26 September 2013

Islamophobia in the US is mainstream

A UN report condemns Israel’s arrests of Palestinian children in Electronic Intifada

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