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PRESS RELEASE – USA: IHRC demands reinstatement of cancelled Middle East...

This is a disturbing turn of events which has serious repercussions for the University's reputation as an institution that cherishes academic freedom

Berkeley course furore highlights extent of Zionist bully tactics

Last week the University of California Berkeley backtracked on a heavily criticised decision to ban a course on Palestine. The embarrassing reversal highlighted the increasing pressure academic institutions are being put under by highly organised Zionist groups, says Faisal Bodi.

Watch LIVE: The Fifth Annual Conference on the Study of Islamophobia

The conference will be broadcast live from the University of California, Berkeley. April 17-19

Islamophobia Production and Re-Defining Global “Security” Agenda for the 21st Century

IHRC’s Arzu Merali speaks at the Islamophobia conference at the University of California, Berkeley.

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