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PRESS RELEASE – USA/Sheikh Omar Abdul Rehman: World has lost a...

Travesty of Justice, as elderly blind sheikh dies in prison

A Rotten Foundation

Futures are stolen and this is just the beginning

PRESS RELEASE – US: Trump ‘Muslim ban’ is the product of...

Fanned by an equally bigoted media, Muslims have been cast as the archetypal villains in the popular imagination

PRESS RELEASE – UK/USA: May and Trump leading countries further into...

Immigration was a central plank of both the Brexit and Trump campaigns and led to a surge in anti-minority sentiment

Muslim Experiences of Hostility and Discrimination

Reports on the UK, France, USA and Canada

Muslim Experiences of Hostility and Discrimination: Chicagoland, USA 2016

Please take a few minutes to take part in this survey for IHRC's study on Muslim experiences of hatred in Chicagoland, USA

Statement to the UN Forum on Minority Issues

The IHRC wishes to highlight continuing discrimination against minorities in Canada, France, UK, USA and Netherlands.

An Ongoing Persecution: Minorities in Canada, France, UK, USA & Netherlands

A statement to the United Nations Forum on Minority Issues

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