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PRESS RELEASE: 9/11’s Hidden Victims Mourn

Violence and discrimination the legacy for British Muslims

PRESS RELEASE: IHRC expresses anger at Baghdad market massacre and conveys...

Smart bombs or stupid bombs, the litany of civilian deaths inflicted by American and British bombings continues to mount.

British Satellite News: Muslims Consider Hidden Victims of September 11

Research conducted by the Islamic Human Rights Commission says that the surge in anti-Muslim activity following September 11 should be met with anti-discrimination legislation in the UK to protect the Muslim community.

9/11: The Hidden Victims – Conference Audio

Highlights of IHRC's seminar of 8th September 2002 highlighting the backlash against British Muslims are now available to listen to on-line.

The Hidden Victims of September 11: The Backlash Against Muslims in...

IHRC's updated report on the number and nature of anti-Muslim hate attacks in the UK in the wake of 9/11.

The Hidden Victims of September 11: Prisoners of UK Law

Sultana Tafadar overviews the use of anti-terrorist and other legislation against British Muslims in the last year.

‘9/11 – The Hidden Victims’ An IHRC Seminar

The full programme of events.

IHRC Event: 9/11 – The Hidden Victims

A seminar organised by the Islamic Human Rights Commission, looking at the events of the last year and the political and military fall-out that has affected civil liberties and human rights.

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