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Hijab wearing Mahinur Ozdemir joins Christian DemocratsBelgium Muslim finds Christian Party...

A young Muslim veiled woman has joined the Christian Democratic Party in Brussels to become the first and only veiled Muslim in a Christian political party with the likelihood of entering parliament, Al Arabiya TV reported Saturday.

Press Release: IHRC Welcomes New Guidelines on Wearing Niqab in Court

IHRC welcomes guidelines published today by the Judicial Studies Board\'s Equal Treatment Advisory Committee on the wearing of the niqab in court

Press Release: IHRC Statement in Response to British Airway’s Decision to...

In response to the news that British Airways has banned one of its employees, Nadia Eweida, from wearing a cross openly at work, IHRC Chair Massoud Shadjareh states:

URGENT ALERT: Residency denied for Moroccan wearing hijab

A Moroccan living in France legally for eight years has had her application for long term residency denied, because she wears the hijab.

UK UPDATE: Issuing of passports to British Muslimahs wearing hijab.

IHRC has received a number of complaints regarding the advice given by officers at the UK Passport Agency regarding the wearing of hijab in passport photographs. Several sisters were told that hijab was not acceptable.

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