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PRESS RELEASE: Palestine/Iran – IHRC welcomes Veolia’s plan to abandon light...

IHRC welcomes Veolia's plans to abandon the Jerusalem Light Rail project amidst enormous pressure on the company from BDS campaigns in several countries.

PRESS RELEASE: UK – IHRC welcomes not guilty verdict for three...

The Islamic Human Rights Commission welcomes today's not guilty verdict of the three accused of conspiring with the bombers carrying out the London 7/7 atrocities.

FORWARDED PRESS RELEASE: UK/Guantanamo – Cageprisoners Welcomes The Return of Binyam...

Cageprisoners today welcomes the return of Binyam Mohammed- a British resident unlawfully detained in Guantanamo Bay for the last seven years

PRESS RELEASE: Serbia / Bosnian War – IHRC welcomes the long-...

Radovan Karadzic, war criminal leader of the self proclaimed 'Republika Srpska' in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been arrested in Serbia after thirteen years on the run.

PRESS RELEASE: UK – IHRC welcomes Aamer Anwar not guilty verdict

IHRC welcomes Aamer Anwar being cleared of the contempt charge he faced.

Press Release: UK – IHRC welcomes courts findings that the anti-terror...

IHRC welcomes the courts findings that the anti-terror asset freezing orders are legally flawed as a means of reassessing the whole process.

Press Release: UK – IHRC welcomes the FA’s decision to issue...

IHRC welcomes the FA's decision to issue guidance on dress code to all coach educators in the UK.

PRESSRELEASE: UK- IHRC welcomes landmark ruling on freedom of thought

IHRC welcomes the verdict of the Court of Appeal, quashing the
convictions of five young Muslim men.

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