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PRESS RELEASE – Palestine: Soldier’s sentence underlines apartheid nature of Israeli...

The soldier's sentence is less than Palestinians typically receive for throwing stones at occupation forces

Press release: Settlers’ deaths an excuse for Israel to inflict more...

IHRC condemns the Israeli actions as wholly disproportionate, amounting to collective punishment.

Press release: Israel should target settlers, not Palestinian residents

Israel continues to consolidate its hold over Palestinian land, making any peace talks or agreement ever more distant.

Event: UK – Screening of ‘Over the Wall’

Join Football Beyond Borders and Amhurst Republic.

Republican Huckabee in Israel slams 2-state option

JERUSALEM — Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee is pressing on with a provocative tour of Israel and backing Israel's policies at the heart of increasingly tense U.S.-Israeli relations.

Israel ministers agree to halt settlement tenders

JERUSALEM — Israel's premier agreed on Tuesday not to invite tenders for West Bank settlement building in the coming months so as to advance the peace process, but critics said this fell far short of US demands for a settlement freeze.

Gateways to Hell: Military Checkpoints in the Occupied West Bank

Yehudit Kirstein-Keshet explains the horror of checkpoints as a tool  toward s  Israel's realisation of maximum territory with a minimum of Palestinians; yet another element in the ongoing system of population transfer that began with the Naqba-Disaster of 1948 and that continues, by various means, up to the present time. (June 2007)

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