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MEDIA ADVISORY: UK / London Muslim & Jewish women: Vigil &...

Organised by Islamic Human Rights Commission and International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network

Muslim & Jewish women: Vigil & Speakout against slaughter in...

Protest the BBC\'s reporting of the Gaza crisis. All women welcome.

URGENT EVENT ALERT: Muslim & Jewish women: Vigil & Speakout...

Protest the BBC's reporting of the Gaza crisis. All women welcome.

Forwarded Event Alert: UK – London Women’s Demonstration against Uzbek Regime’s...

This event is to express outrage at the Uzbek regime\'s depraved actions against female political prisoners.

Individual Oral Statement on Pakistan

We are deeply concerned that in Pakistan women’s health rights appear to be neglected.

Pakistan: Oral statement on the outcome of Pakistan under the UPR

Pakistan faces a number of human rights challenges which relate to Pakistan’s internal struggles in the process of democratisation, questions of gender equality, empowerment of women as well as the fight against terror that since its launch in 2001 has become a central point for human rights violations.

PRESS RELEASE: China – Transfer of Uyghur Women – Briefing On-Line...

This briefing looks at government programme in China to transfer young women from rural regions of western China to urban areas in the east.

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