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Young-Uyghur Women Transferred from Rural China for Forced Labour in Eastern...

Uyghur women targeted by large-scale government programme aimed at transferring them to from rural to urban areas for forced labour.

Are Women Liberated in the 21st Century

For as long as we can remember \'Women\'s Lib\', Feminism, \'Girl Power\', and a whole range of other terminology has described a struggle women have pursued across the globe for many decades. A debate for the \'Muslim woman\' and the \'Western woman\'.

PRESS RELEASE: Report Reveals Muslim Women’s thoughts on the Veil...

IHRC's fourth report in the British Muslims' Expectations of the Government is published today.

The Rise of Islamophobia in Europe’ and ‘Hijab Ban – An...

Islamic Human Rights Commission will be running two workshops in conjunction with Racial Attacks and Harassment Monitoring Association
and Innovative Minds

British Muslim Women and Hijab

Are you a British Muslim woman who wear hijab? Please take a few minutes to complete this questionnaire giving your thoughts and views.

Briefing now available on-line: Muslim Women, Human Rights and Religious Freedom...

Briefing deals with flagrant human rights and international law violations incurred by bans in various European countries on Muslim women's dress in state schools.

Muslim Women, Human Rights and Religious Freedom: Europe Under the Spotlight...

How France, Germany and Belgium hav eundermined their own constitutions and violated human right sprinciples and laws in their proposed hijab bans.

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