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London protest to demand urgent medical treatment for Nigerian Muslim leader

PRESS RELEASEHuman rights activists and supporters of the illegally detained leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria are...

URGENT ALERT: NIGERIA – Demand urgent medical treatment for life threatening...

Demand urgent medical treatment for life threatening medical condition of Sheikh Zakzaky

PRESS RELEASE – NIGERIA: Doctors allowed to make initial assessment of...

Leader of Islamic Movement and Mallima Zeenah seen by team led by IHRC

Nigeria Digest #80

Kaduna court dismissed two government appeals against Islamic movement for lack of merit

Nigeria Digest #79

Reports of a possible ruthless attack on FreeZakzaky demonstrators in Abuja. 

Nigeria Digest #78

#FreeZakzaky protests continued in Nigeria

Nigeria Digest #70

#FreeZakzaky protests in front of UN, EU & US Embassy buildings in Nigeria

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