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United Nations Side Panel: Human Rights in Nigeria

Thursday, 9 March from 1.30pm - watch live on IHRC.TV

PRESS RELEASE UPDATE – Nigeria: IHRC welcomes ICC questioning of official...

The military assault between December 12-14 in the northern Nigerian city of Zaria left more than 1000 people dead

PRESS RELEASE – Nigeria: IHRC cautiously welcomes inquiry findings into Nigeria...

IHRC has evidence that the IMN lost more than a thousand members in the attack that took place between December 12-14 in Zaria.

Press release – Nigeria: Al-Quds day massacre video released

The documentary explores the circumstances surrounding the massacre of dozens of civilians during an Al-Quds demonstration last July

NHRC To Hold Public Hearing On Zaria Quds Day Killings

The public hearing is scheduled for November this year

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