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PRESS RELEASE – UK: How Darren Osborne came to be radicalised

Darren Osborne's choice of the al-Quds protest was not coincidental

PRESS RELEASE – UK/PALESTINE: CPS refuses to bow to pro-Israel pressure...

The decision is a victory for justice and common sense and hopefully draws a line in the sand against the aggressive lobbying of the pro-Israeli lobby

Author Evening: ‘Balfour’s Shadow’ with David Cronin

Thursday, 27 July from 6.45pm - thanks for watching online!

PRESS RELEASE – UK: Al-Quds Day rally a success despite best...

Counter protestors hurled Islamophobic and racist abuse at the Al-Quds day demonstrators

A Critical Time

Imam Asi discusses Zionist colonization

What antisemitism is, and what it is not

Free Speech on Israel has produced a leaflet defining what antisemitism is and what it is not

PRESS RELEASE – Palestine: Soldier’s sentence underlines apartheid nature of Israeli...

The soldier's sentence is less than Palestinians typically receive for throwing stones at occupation forces

Event Report: Book Launch – ‘Palestine… It Is Something Colonial’

IHRC successfully launched Hatem Bazian's new book on the colonial legacy of Palestine on 7 December 2016

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