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For Palestine: The cost of standing for justice

As the Israeli onslaught against Gaza intensifies so does Zionist inspired harassment and victimisation of pro-Palestine activists and groups around the world. But rather than be deterred, the most appropriate response is to redouble our efforts to help those who are oppressed, says Faisal Bodi

Citizens International Press Release: UN Security Council Must Demand Israel Stop...

Forwarded press release from Citizens International on the atrocities being committed by Israel.

Press release: Settlers’ deaths an excuse for Israel to inflict more...

IHRC condemns the Israeli actions as wholly disproportionate, amounting to collective punishment.

Press Release: To praise hate preachers is to promote hate

Rabbi Yosef attracting controversy by referring to Palestinians as snakes

IHRC chair speaks at: “The Outbreak of the Intifada: Turning Back...

Second event in a series of events which commemorates 10 years since the the Al-Aqsa / Second Intifada against the zionist-apartheid state.

PRESS RELEASE: UK: JDL and far-right groups planning to disrupt Al-Quds...

The IHRC, one of the organizers of the annual Al-Quds Day rally in London on 4 September, has called on pro-Palestinian and anti-fascist groups not to be intimidated by counter-demonstrations organized by the EDL, the Jewish Defense League and other Zionist and far-right groups.  

Urgent Alert: Demonstration against Zionist ‘Celebration of Israel’, 3rd May 2006

Zionist federation will be holding its annual 'Happy Birthday Israel Celebrations' at Wembley Conference Centre.

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