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'Decolonising Education Pack' Now Available at the IHRC Bookshop

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20% off our standard price for a limited time only.

Get yourself engrossed in deconstructing modern schooling and reconstructing ways of learning and education that is dedicated to liberation both socially and politically. We have compiled a variety of pamphlets and books in order for us to educate ourselves about the harm we are doing by following the cliché.

This ‘Decolonising Education’ pack includes 9 essays from various authors including Paulo Freire, Ivan Illich, Naquib al Attas, Ward Churchill, C.K Raju. Titles include Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Pedagogy of Indignation, Academic Imperialism…a beginning, The De-Westernization of Knowledge, Re-defining Education and more. Also included in the pack is ‘Decolonising the University The Emerging Quest for Non-Eurocentric Paradigms’ which is a compilation of work by various academics and writers as well as including a few papers from the ‘International Conference on Decolonising the Universities’ in Malaysia, 2011.

The education series is usually sold at £48 (RRP) NOW being sold at £38.40

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Titles included in the pack:

•White Studies: The Intellectual Imperialism of Higher Education by Ward Churchill
•Redefining Education: Why we must disestablish school by Ivan Illich
•Digital Diploma Mills by David f. Noble
•Exorcising Anthropology’s Demons by Frederique Apfell-Marglin & Margaret Bruchac
•The De-Westernization of Knowledge by Naquib al-Attas
•Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire
•Ending Academic Imperialism…a beginning by C K Raju
•Decolonising the University: The Emerging Quest for Non-Eurocentric Paradigm Edited by Claude •Alvares& Shad Saleem Faruqi
•Pedagogy of Indignation by Paulo Freire

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