Quds Day In Nigeria & Sheikh Zakzaky’s Passport

Quds Day Arrests Sheikh Zakzakys’ Passport Case Locations of Quds Day Protests in Nigeria, 2022   Quds Day Arrests Across the World, rallies and marches were held for International Quds Day. Most of them passed without incident and saw large numbers turn out to support


Prevent review is designed to alienate Muslims

  Nobody should be surprised by the “finding” by William Shawcross in his review of the much discredited Prevent policy that the government is not doing enough to combat so-called Muslim extremism. According to the Guardian which claims to have seen a draft copy of

New Middle East peace initiative set to launch in London

A new public Middle East peace initiative is set to launch in London this weekend with the support of high profile celebrities. Actor Alexei Sayle and film director Ken Loach have put their names to the initiative named “Convivencia” that will bring together people of

Bus and mobile ad campaign to highlight Israeli apartheid

Building on the momentum of last Sunday’s successful Al-Quds Day demonstration for Palestine, IHRC is to take an open top bus around the streets of the capital to continue to raise awareness of the apartheid system in Israel. The vehicle will carry anti-apartheid campaigners comprising

Right wing report seeks to rescue “floundering” Prevent

IHRC has condemned a new report calling on the government to desist from working with organisations that challenge the widely discredited Prevent anti-terrorism programme. Written by the Policy Exchange, which was founded by arch Islamophobe Michael Gove and which counts amongst its employees the equally


IHRC issues safety advice after attack on London worshippers

IHRC has issued safety advice to the Muslim community after two Muslim worshippers were injured when a group of thugs carrying bottles and hockey sticks launched a “racially aggravated” assault outisde a mosque earlier this week. The group attacked people going into Sri Lankan Muslim