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Background information

A key problem citizens have in any state is not knowing their rights. Laws can be complicated, and not everyone has the opportunity or resources to learn about what rights they have as a citizen. This often means that individuals are left feeling confused and angry after interactions with state bodies, whether that be the police, immigration enforcement officers, or social workers and teachers citing their prevent duties.

IHRC’s Know Your Rights campaign seeks to educate and inform communities about their rights. The information is designed to empower individuals to stand up and demand their rights in a constructive way. Our workshops and leaflets help people understand what powers the state possess, what rights the individual has and where they can get assistance should they need it.

Key facts & figures

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false positive

Prevent referrals up to 31 March 2020

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Of Arrested

for terrorism related activity in 2021 were actually charged with a terrrorism related crime

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conviction rate

of the 419,000 people stopped under Schedule 7 between 2009 and 2019, only 30 were convicted

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of stopped

under schedule 7 are from BME communities. 

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We work with different organisations from Muslim and non-Muslim backgrounds, to campaign for justice for all peoples regardless of their racial, confessional or political background.


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