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Video and Audio

Bring Aafia Siddiqui home now!

Do you know Dr. Aafia Siddiqui? A highly educated academic and mother of three, Dr. Aafia Siddiqui was abducted by the American government in Pakistan and was the first woman subjected to the full rendition to torture programme by the USA. Her children were taken

We won’t stop until genocide is history

Massoud Shadjareh, Chair of IHRC, delivers a powerful speech on the Palestinian movement. We must bring a change and we must fight against this injustice. We at IHRC will continue to do so until genocide becomes a word of the past.

How do the lessons from Ashura relate to us today

Massoud Shadjareh, Chair of the IHRC, speaks on how the lessons from #Ashura and Karbala relate to the present. We must recognise the oppressors of our time and stand up for #justice just like Imam Hussain (as) did.

In Memory of Imam Achmad Cassiem

It has been a year since IHRC advisor and friend Imam Achmad Cassiem passed away. He led a remarkable life fighting against injustice and oppression from a young age. He joined the armed struggle against apartheid at 15 and was jailed in Robben island by

PODCAST: A Muslim Bloc Vote: A Dream Worth Chasing?

Watch and listen to three special podcasts looking at the UK General Elections and the possibility of a Muslim bloc vote with IHRC media officer and former journalist Faisal Bodi, former IHRC head of research and current co-editor of The Long View, Arzu Merali and

20 years ago the ICJ found Israel’s wall illegal

20 years ago the ICJ ruled that Israel’s wall was illegal. A year later Palestinians called for an official BDS movement. Israel continues to ignore international law and the ICJ. And we continue to pressure Israel with BDS and other actions to stop the Gaza

What the Algerian Revolution Tells Us About Palestine

This week Algerians are celebrating 62 years of independence from French colonial rule. Over 5 million Algerians were killed in their fight for freedom. Here is what they can teach us about today’s fight for a Free Palestine

A Message to Students: we stand with you

A message from IHRC Chairman, Massoud Shajareh to University Students who are standing against genocide. The battle for justice bears heavy costs that we commend you for bearing. We stand with you. You are on the right side of history.