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Qurbani Appeal
“The one who wholeheartedly performs Qurbani of an animal for reward, the Qurbani will serve as a barrier between him and hellfire.” [Hadith]
Boycott Genocide
We must act now, to do whatever we can to oppose this genocide. One of the easiest things to do is to boycott those that support genocide.
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Urgent Yemen Appeal
Save lives of the oppressed in Yemen today.
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Gaza Email
Emergency Appeal
The Palestinian people of Gaza need you!
Defenders of Islam, Muslims and others
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The Long View
A quarterly journal published by IHRC
Save Our Mosques
Protect Your Mosque - Protect Your Deen
IHRC has been a pioneer in researching about and campaigning against Islamophobia.
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Civil Rights
A focus on anti-terrorism laws; counter-extremism policy; institutional racism (including Islamophobia) and discrimination; immigration and asylum; policing; shrinking civil society space and the concentration of power.
Gaza Email
Emergency Appeal
The Palestinian people of Gaza need you!
Responding To The Gaza Crisis
Here are things you need to know about responding to the Gaza crisis

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