Ramadan Mubarak

Once again we are entering the month of Ramadan. This is the month of getting closer to Allah (swt) but also a time to help others more. IHRC’s active campaigns offer the opportunity to provide financial help across the globe. IHRC Trust operates on a

Your Guide to Boycotting Israeli Dates

Don’t let Israel con you this Ramadan. Here’s your 4-step guide to identify which dates to buy or boycott to ensure you’re not breaking your fast with Israeli dates. You can find out more information on our website here. Zaytoun and Yaffa dates can be

Don’t Be Intimidated: #FlyTheFlag for Palestine

We are being bombarded by politicians from across the board to say Flying the Palestine flag is supporting terrorism. They want to silence us because they support apartheid & genocide. Don’t be intimated. Go out, be heard, do everything you can. *Update: since this video,

A Message from Nelson Mandela’s Grandson

A Message from Nelson Mandela’s grandson supporting Al Quds Day Solidarity from a land and people that beat Apartheid to Palestinians who are fighting Apartheid today. We are with you. See you on 16th April at 3pm Outside Home Office SW1P 4DF Marching to Downing

A Message From Gaza

“Inshallah Next Year We Can All Pray in Al-Aqsa Mosque” As Israel attacks #Gaza and worshippers at #AlAqsa mosque again. Palestinian women from Gaza send this message to the world. Join the Al Quds Day protest for Palestine. Sunday 16th April 2023 3pm assembling at

Anti-Zionist Jews support Palestine

As a Jewish Rabbi I find it very important to attend the Al-Quds rally every year. Here’s why,  Watch Rabbi Elhanan Beck’s important message for Palestine. 

What would the Holy Prophet do?

“What would the Holy Prophet do if he was here today? What issue would occupy the Prophet’s mind?” This powerful speech by Ayatullah Motahari on Palestine is a must watch. Click here to watch now. Join the Al Quds Day and march for Palestine. Sunday