Universal Justice Network Campaign

Universal Justice Network (UJN) is a global initiative that seeks to establish an empowered Ummah.

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Background information

Universal Justice Network (UJN) is a global initiative that seeks to establish an empowered Ummah that will work for a world where:

  • There will be a free flow of people, ideas, culture and commerce.
  • People enjoy justice, peace, freedom and democracy.
  • The wealth of the world is equitably distributed and poverty, dispossession, deprivation and discrimination are eliminated.
  • There is a stewardship of the environment. The link between God and his creatures are strengthened and spiritual quest valued.
  • Waste and over-consumption are discouraged.
  • Pursuit of knowledge and universal values are encouraged and treasured.



  • Promote and further international cooperation and collaboration in meeting the challenges of the time.
  • Forge links with other groups in the world who are working for justice, peace and freedom.
  • Create networks  throughout the world linking people to people and organizations to organizations.
  • Train a corps of activists with vision, knowledge and skills.
  • Build excellent research teams in each region on relevant areas, publish and distribute the research and analyses in various languages.
  • Develop campaigns, advocacy and effective lobby groups.
  • Develop strategies to inculcate Ummah consciousness in children.
  • Hold conferences, seminars and workshops to further the aims of UJN.


UJN has been fortunate to have prominent writers, authors and thinkers working very closely to promote cooperation and collaboration on critical issues facing out world today.

We invite you to join this group of esteemed writers and thinkers by writing for us; whether in the form of opinion piece, your thoughts on an issue, or writing a well researched booklet or monograph.

We encourage you to link with us in developing relevant campaigns and promoting pressing world issues. Financial contributions are also welcome in order to promote our ongoing efforts and commitments. Your kind support can help mobilize and bring justice and peace to the world and to strengthen the reall power of the Ummah.

We strive to promote awareness among the people about the challenges facing the Ummah and developing appropriate responses. Promote the creation of channels for the free flow of people, ideas, culture and commerce.

UJN is supported by IHRC Trust [Charity number: 1106120]