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Act Now

Quds Day 2024

The annual Quds Day Rally will be taking place on Friday 5th April at 3pm, outside the Home Office. 2 Marsham Street Westminster London SW1P 4DF   Current supporting organisations: 5Pillars, Ahlulbayt Islamic Mission, Ahlulbayt Sisters Association, Black Lives Matter Coalition UK, CAMPAIN, Convivencia Alliance,

ASEAN must take punitive measures over Rohingya Genocide

Background Take Action Template Letter Addresses   Background The continuation of refugees attempting to escape from Arakan, Myanmar, often trapped in boats for weeks, has shown that the genocide is not ending.  The Rohingya are still in such a desperate situation that they are willing

Fly The Flag For Palestine 2024

#Flytheflag and #boycottapartheid campaign Due to popular demand we shall once again be doing a #FlyTheFlag and #boycottapartheid campaign where freedom seeking people from around the world raise the flag for Palestine in the last week before Quds Day. It is important to make sure

Alert – Keep pushing out our Boycott Leaflets

Summary  We must push even harder to boycott companies supporting the Gaza Genocide and together bring it to an end.     Background  29,000+ Palestinians have been murdered in the Gaza genocide, including over 12,500 children, with another 7,000 thousand Palestinians missing. We must step up