bahrain Campaign

Campaign for democratisation and empowerment in Bahrain.

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Background information

IHRC has been highlighting human rights, racist and sectarian abuses taking place in Bahrain since 2006. Our campaign has sought to highlight the abuses of the state against opposition figures who are seeking greater democratization in Bahrain.

Our research and campaign has highlighted, amongst other things, the use of violence and torture against Bahraini pro-Democracy campaigners, the use of citizenship stripping against opposition figures and the use of mercenary forces to quell any popular grassroots  movement critical of the government. We have published reports and breifings detailing this and many other human rights abuses by the Bahraini state.

Our campaign has included mobilising campaigners from around the world to speak out against the atrocities being committed by the state. Through our work we hope to hold the Bahraini government accountable for violating the rights of its citizens.

  • IHRC has raised the issue of the use of torture against Bahraini activists with the UN special rapporteur.
  • IHRC has been calling for the release of all political prisoners, includer Dr Abduljalil al-Singace.
  • IHRC continues to oppose the continued use of citizenship deprivation by the Bahraini state as a way of punishing opposition figures.
  • IHRC continues to campaign for greater democratization and empowerment in Bahrain.

Key facts & figures


All independent Bahraini media have been banned from operating in the country since 2017 


Prominent opposition leaders and dissidents are facing lengthy prison sentences, with many facing death row.


Despite widespread complaints about torture at specific sites, with detainees often identifying the agency and sometimes the name and rank of the alleged torturers, there is no known record of a successful prosecution for torture since 2015.


Group trials of excessive numbers of defendants, in some cases amounting to mass trials, as well as other unfair trials 

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