Volunteering at IHRC

Get Involved

There are many ways in which you can participate – what type of work, the amount of time you want to spend, is entirely up to you. The types of volunteering are listed below.

Please look carefully to see if we are currently looking for that type of volunteer. If not, please keep checking back to see when we do, or if you like send us an email asking us to let you know when such an opportunity arises. At IHRC we feel that it is important that volunteers enjoy what they are doing – it is more productive for them, and more productive for IHRC.

Volunteers often pick up skills which are useful in other parts of life. Part of IHRC’s aims is to help people and communities empower themselves.


Unless you are only taking part in letter writing campaigns or distributing our literature,you will need to supply two good references to volunteer with us and fill in an applicationform.

Ways to Volunteer


Many people (students, professionals and others) have helped us prepare country and issue reports. Their contributions have included writing full reports, searching for source material, translating, proofreading, and formatting. People involved in this have usually been volunteering with IHRC for some time, and have considerable time to spare.

Campaigns and Advocacy

In addition to setting up a local campaign group, you can help both the campaigns and advocacy departments with your interpretation and translation skills. We are looking for qualified interpreters in various languages.


Like other charities, IHRC relies on the goodwill of its supporters. Some volunteers recruit new financial supporters or raise one-off donations to help IHRC meet the needs of the community. Occasionally IHRC raises money for specific projects but mainly it raises general funds to be allocated according to need. IHRC does not collect aid but it has on occasion requested financial help for families of prisoners of faith in dire circumstances. Fundraising is flexible in terms of time.


IHRC holds vigils, speaker meetings and seminars. Volunteers are often needed to steward, prepare banners, man stalls etc. These events usually, although not exclusively, take place in the UK, and involve different levels of commitment – from an afternoon manning a stall to a couple of days a week organising a vigil or seminar.

Office Admin

IHRC’s offices are in northwest London, UK. We welcome local volunteers to assist in the office as and when appropriate. This type of assistance is usually admin and fairly labour intensive. Filing, transcribing, typing, packaging and posting are all part of likely activities. This requires some basic IT skills, and is helpful to put down as work experience on a CV. Again, the amount of time given varies on an individual basis.

Raise awareness

Many of the groups and individuals who volunteer for IHRC have undertaken to distribute our literature at their own stalls etc. at a variety of events around the country. Their contribution helps to spread awareness of IHRC, but more importantly the issues which the community needs to address. Again, this can be an afternoon’s work or several days of organising.

We have an annual newsletter which is distributed in the weeks before and during Ramadan. Volunteers take any amount from 5 to 5,000 copies to distribute in their local community. All shipping costs are met by IHRC.

You do not need to supply us with references if you simply want to distribute IHRC literature.

Get In Touch Today

IHRC appreciates all the efforts our volunteers make, however large or small. The above are the most common ways in which people help out. If you have any other ideas, please feel free to discuss them with us.

Email fatima.m@ihrc.org for more information

We pray Allah SWT rewards all your efforts. Ameen.