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Alert – Boycott Companies Supporting the Gaza Genocide

Summary  As the Gaza Genocide continues without any sign of ending, the need for boycotting the Zionist war machine has become more urgent than ever. Although there are many companies that we should boycott, IHRC is providing a new leaflet targeting those directly involved in this

Boycott Genocide

Israel is committing genocide right now, openly in front of the world. Our governments are refusing to support a ceasefire to end the genocide, instead they are cheer leading the slaughter, providing arms and political cover so that Israel can continue exterminating Palestinians with impunity.


Attending Protests

Please read through the following to be up-to-date on what powers can and can’t be used against protestors at demonstration in the UK. Information on this page is from Green & Black Cross SOLICITORS SPECIALISING IN HUMAN RIGHTS If you are arrested at a protest,