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Alert- Demand the government and opposition change their stance on Gaza

Summary The apartheid state of Israel continues to commit genocide, we therefore ask you write to your MP demanding they pressure their party and the government to change their stance on Gaza.    Background In Gaza, many thousands of people have been massacred, including at thousands of children, whilst a further tens of thousands

Alert- #FlyTheFlag for Palestine

#FlyTheFlag for Palestine and stand against genocide and apartheid.     Summary In response to the Gaza Genocide, we need now more than ever to show our support for them, even more so in the UK in the wake of Suella Braverman’s unlawful attempts to


ALERT: UK – Teaching about Palestine at School, Your Rights

Ideas from educators on how to teach about Palestine across various subjects.   Summary Raza Kazim, in the seminar ‘Children’s Rights to Express Solidarity with Palestine’ explains briefly how teachers can discuss the issue of Palestine, even at the time of conflict.   Requested Action

Myanmar – Demand Justice for the Rohingya

Background 6 years ago today, August 25th 2017, the Myanmar military launched its largest campaign of atrocities against the Rohingya to date, turning what had been an already oppressive situation for the mainly Muslim minority in Arakan, into a genocide. Whilst the killing of men,

Boycott Apartheid: Stop supporting the Zionist Apartheid Regime

  Summary We are asking on all supporters of human rights to get involved in the campaign to boycott Apartheid Israel. The boycott campaign waged by British activists against the apartheid in South Africa helped put pressure on the White Supremacist regime there, forcing them

Fly the Flag

Background The latest bombardment of Gaza has murdered at least 26 Palestinians at last count, and the number will almost certainly have risen by the time you have read this. Just days before the 75th anniversary of the Nakba, when 750,000 Palestinians were systematically ethnically

Continue to Pressure UK Government over Yemen

Background In 2015 a Saudi-led alliance invaded Yemen in one of the most devastating conflicts to take place so far. This alliance included Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Sudan, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, US mercenary force Academi, with support from the United States, UK, Germany and al-Qaeda.