New report highlights role of state in disseminating Islamophobia

IHRC will launch a new Spinwatch report tomorrow exposing the role of state entities in Europe in spreading Islamophobia. The report offers an analysis of the role and significance of the news media in disseminating anti-Muslim sentiment, detailing the political networks of which these organisations

Event Report: Author Evening with Rizwaan Sabir: The Suspect

IHRC hosted an author evening with Dr Rizwaan Sabir on Friday, 12 August, to discuss his book, The Suspect: Counterterrorism, Islam and the Security State. Dr Sabir is a lecturer in Criminology at Liverpool John Moores University. The Suspect focuses mainly on Dr Sabir’s personal


Prevent review is designed to alienate Muslims

  Nobody should be surprised by the “finding” by William Shawcross in his review of the much discredited Prevent policy that the government is not doing enough to combat so-called Muslim extremism. According to the Guardian which claims to have seen a draft copy of