Saudi Digest # 67

Saudi Arabia has always presented itself as a leader of the Muslim world, but its leadership has always consisted of violence, bribery and treachery

Nigeria Digest #37

An update on the accelerated FreeZakzaky protests against the forcible arraignment of Sheikh Zakzaky

ALERT: How to Support Palestine

We urge you to take the following steps immediately to support the oppressed Palestinians

Urgent Alert: Nigeria – Leader of Islamic Movement Under Immediate Threat...

Sheikh Zakzaky under immediate threat, attempt to move him forcefully will put his life in danger.

Eid Packs for Muslim Prisoners 2018

This Ramadan, consider donating a special Eid pack for a Muslim prisoner

Nigeria Digest #35

An update on continous FreeZakzaky protests in Nigeria and a forcible attempt to serve court summons to Sheikh Zakzaky.

Nigeria Digest #34

Latest action alert on FreeZakzaky and update on Buhari government's desperate efforts to distract attention and curb continous massive FreeZakzaky Protests in Nigerian Capital, Abuja.

Saudi Digest # 66

Saudi Arabia has now become the financers of all US colonial policies in the Middle East and beyond.

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