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Update Alert: Nigeria – State-sponsored Sokoto atrocities appearing to repeat in Zaria

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January saw Zaria rocked with violence after a sectarian provocation. The events greatly echo the sectarian provocation and violence which previously occurred in Sokoto.

Forwarded Alert: UK/Palestine – Meeting: 'Solidarity with Palestine after the Gaza onslaught'

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Launch meeting of the English section of the International Union of Parliamentarians for Palestine (IUPFP).

What's new at

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This edition of “What's new” features a series of alerts highlighting the human rights situation in Bahrian, Libya, UK and USA, as well as the event alert for the photo exhibition - 'Uighurs: China's forgotten Muslims'.

URGENT ALERT: Pakistan– Write to the Pakistani High Commission/Embassy in your country airing your concern over the increasing levels of religious discrimination in Pakistan.

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IHRC is concerned with the increasing level of religious discrimination in Pakistan and asks campaigners to write either to the Pakistani High Commissioner or Ambassador in their country to highlight some recent cases of discrimination.

Forwarded Alert: UK – Important update from Hicham Yezza campaign

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Many thanks for your continued support. Hicham was sentenced to a nine-month custodial sentence and is currently being held at HMP Woodhill in Milton Keynes. Please write to Hich!

Forwarded Alert: UK/USA – A Public Independent Inquiry must be Held into the Full Extent of British Involvement in Extraordinary Rendition

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Demand an end to British involvement in extraordinary rendition and firm assurances, backed by evidence, that the UK is no longer involved in any way.

Event Alert: UK/China – Only three days left for 'Uighurs: China 's forgotten Muslims' – An exhibition of photos by Per Engstrom 15 – 18 March, London, UK

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“You have just three days to see iconic photographs of the Uighur people who are being systematically destroyed by the Chinese authorities.”

Update Alert: USA – Judge questions Justice Department's upholding of plea in Al-Arian case

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Federal judge Brinkema says prosecutors' dismissal of terms of Al-Arian's former plea agreement with government jeopardises “integrity of the Department of Justice”.

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