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Nigerian government should do more to contain violence: Analyst

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Massoud Shadjareh says the Nigerian government needs to do more in order to tackle the ongoing violence across the West African country

Massoud Shadjareh, the head of the Islamic Human Rights Commission, said in an interview with Press TV from London that Nigerian people seek an active role by the government in Abuja to contain the ongoing wave of violence in the country.

"I think people are extremely concerned about the role of government in this whole thing. And they are expecting a lot more. Indeed, they deserve to get better support," Shadjareh said.

The analyst also stated that some forces within Nigeria have been successful in fueling militancy by manipulating the internal political divisions among Nigerian parties and factions.

Referring to the acts of violence by militant groups, Shadjareh said, "These sorts of atrocities are playing into the hands of different political factions. And indeed insecurity is very much felt in northern Nigeria."

Read the full piece and watch the interview published on 29 November 2014 on PressTV

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