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Saudis not capable of managing Hajj

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IHRC says Saudi Arabia is obviously not “capable” of managing the annual Hajj pilgrimage

Referring to the recent Hajj tragedy in Mecca and previous incidents, the commission's Reza Kazem said that, "Things need to change" as it is clear that Saudi authorities are incapable of managing the Hajj.

"They are not able to manage this and it is important that we look at other structures and the ways of how ... Muslim countries and organizations can get involved in managing this hajj event," said Kazem on Saturday.

The Saudis deny the "responsibility that they actually hold," and even blame the victims for the tragedy, he noted.

He added that an independent investigation must be launched into the whole incident and the reasons behind it.

Read the full piece published on Press TV on 26 September 2015

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