Action Alert: Support INTERPAL

Action Alert: Support INTERPAL

Action Alert: Support INTERPAL

28th August 2003
Inter-organisational agreed alert

INTERPAL [A British based charity organisation helping Palestinians in
need]- Needs Your Help

Following the US Government\’s decision to freeze INTERPAL\’s assetts, the
British Charity Commission has followed suit and frozen INTERPAL\’s accounts in the UK.

You are requested to express concern, dismay, anger, outrage and opposition over the recent move by the Charity Commission to freeze the
accounts INTERPAL. It is suspected that the Commission\’s decision has been
in response to pressure from the U.K. authorities that might in turn have
succumbed to U.S. government demands to curtail the activities of this
British charity. INTERPAL is a highly respected charity that has for many
years served the Muslim community by providing its members with the facility to pay their zakat and sadaqah (Islamically ordained financial assistance to those in need) to the needy and destitute in Palestine.

You are also encouraged to appeal to the British public to join in
condemning the U.S. biased policy against the oppressed people of Palestine who are in dire need of help rather than further punishment. It would be useful to remember that while pro-Palestine charities are being suppressed and their assets frozen, pro-Israeli charities continue to channel funds in support of illegal occupation and the building of Jewish settlements on land seized from Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. This double standard policy is believed to be a major contributor to crises around the world including the Middle East.

You could also warn that undermining the work of charities that provide
relief to Palestinians in distress amounts to inflicting collective
punishment on hundreds of thousands of innocent victims of Israeli
occupation and of skewed U.S. and British policies. It is worth noting that INTERPAL provides regular assistance to thousands of orphans and their families. One may ask: \”What crime have all these boys and girls perpetrated to be collectively punished by U.S. and British governments?\”

End your appeal by calling for an immediate restoration of INTERPAL\’s
status and the lifting of all sanctions against it in order to enable to
serve both the Muslim community in Britain and hundreds of thousands of
Palestinians that will suffer enormously as a result of the interruption of INTERPAL\’s good work.

Action Required:

1. Please email INTERPAL: to show them our support.

2. Write to the Charity Commission, Home Office, and the Foreign Office to
support INTERPAL and ask for this injustice to be removed.

Charity Commission:

Home Office:


Example One: Letter to the Home Office and the Foreign Office.

Dear Sir

I am writing concerning the inappropriate action of freezing all
INTERPAL\’s assets. I am very disappointed that this injustice has undergone without reason.

INTERPAL is an organisation solely created on the provision of relief and
development aid to the poor and needy of Palestine. The organisation has
benefited and saved many lives in the poor state of Palestine.

INTERPAL is a registered British Charity complying with all British laws.
It is also in association with the UK Charity Commission. All objectives and charitable aims are approved by the commission.

I ask for you to undo this injustice, which is entirely inexplicable in
light of the Charity\’s compliance with all relevant charity laws and

Yours Truly,


Example Two: Letter to the Charity Commission

Dear Sir

I am enraged in the lack of support shown for INTERPAL during this
critical time of false accusations being directed at the charity.

I demand that the matter of accounts being frozen, should be resolved
immediately and without any delay. As INTERPAL is an organisation of great
importance to thousands of Palestinians in need whom rely solely on INTERPAL to deliver vital humanitarian aid and medical equipment.

Yours truly,


Islamic Human Rights Commission
PO Box 598
United Kingdom

T (+44) 20 8902 0888 and (+44) 20 8904 4222 (after 8th September)
F (+44) 20 8902 0889 and (+44) 20 8904 5183 (after 8th September)

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