UK Event: Genocide Memorial Day 2019 – “Genocide as a tool for Colonialism”

This is our tenth annual event and we can’t wait for you to join us in person or on-line ( or on Facebook).

WHEN: Sunday, 20th January 2019 from 12pm – 4pm (programme begins with lunch)

WHERE: P21 Gallery, 21 Chalton Street, Kings Cross, London, NW1 1JD

Lunch and refreshments will be provided/ Prayer facilities available

Please reserve your seat via Eventbrite or via email at

Watch LIVE on IHRC.TV and Facebook from 1pm GMT

Genocide Memorial Day (GMD) is a day focused on remembering man’s inhumanity to man and takes place on the third Sunday of January each year.  This day is an opportunity to unite and struggle to end oppression everywhere.

This year’s UK event takes the theme ‘Genocide as a tool of Colonialism’. The event will examine issues such as colonialism, racism, discrimination and will discuss the case of Palestine to exemplify the deterioration of human rights under Israeli occupation

Speakers include:

Professor Haim Bresheeth is a filmmaker, photographer and a film studies scholar. He currently teaches at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). His films include the widely-shown State of Danger (1989), a documentary on the first Palestinian Intifada. His best-selling book Introduction to the Holocaust (2000) has been translated to different languages. In 2018, his new film (with Yosefa Loshitzky) The Last Honeymoon in Europe was premiered at the Open Space Gallery in Vienna, as part of the Lost in Europe exhibition. He is currently completing a film along with Maysoon Pachachi about the ongoing occupation of Palestine.

Sandew Hira, is director of the Institute for Scientific Research (IISR) in The Hague and a decolonial thinker. IISR is an institute for research into Decolonizing the Mind and has published a book series title Decolonizing The Mind with Amrit Publishers. Currently, he is a visiting lecturer at the Anton De Kom University in Suriname and Coordinator at Decolonial International Network.

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