What’s New at www.ihrc.org.uk?

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13 March 2008

What’s New at www.ihrc.org.uk?

In this ‘What’s New’ a series of Alerts outlining recent human rights issues in Spain, Nigeria and Egypt. Press Releases on issues relating to Trinidad and Tobago and Bahrain as well as a briefing dealing with the issue of young Uyghur Women forced into labour.

Press Releases


Forwarded Alert: Farid Hilali Suffering in Spain 10th March 2008
13 March 2008
After extradition, Farid Hilali is being held in solitary confinement, without access to his legal papers required to prepare his defence.

Alert Update: Nigeria – 16 of the 127 Detainees Have Been Released in Sokoto
12 March 2008
16 of the 127 detained members of Shia group in Sokoto, held for past six months, have been granted bail by Federal High Court in Sokoto.

Alert Update: Prisoners of Faith Campaign (Egypt) – Muslim Brotherhood Trial Verdict Expected Soon
04 March 2008
Muslim Brotherhood trial verdict delayed in the wake of upcoming local council elections to be held in April 2008.

Alert Update: Prisoners of Faith Campaign (Egypt) – Muslim Brotherhood Trial Verdict Expected This Week
25 February 2008
Verdict expected in Muslim Brotherhood trial to be held this week. IHRC requests campaigners to email/fax letters and urge for members\’ release.

Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE: UK – Event: Human Rights and Israel at 60: A look at the conflicting paths of two contemporaneous projects, 4th May 2008, UK
12 March 2008
An opportunity to discuss Israel’s 60 year history of human rights abuses

PRESS RELEASE: China – Transfer of Uyghur Women – Briefing On-Line Now
11 March 2008
This briefing looks at government programme in China to transfer young women from rural regions of western China to urban areas in the east.

Press Release: Bahrain – Detained Human Rights Activists in Court Session
22 February 2008
IHRC expresses deep concern for detained human rights activists in Bahrain who face a second court session on 24 February 2007

PRESS RELEASE: Trinidad and Tobago – Concern over decision to extradite ‘terror’ suspects
21 February 2008
Trinidadian Kareem Ibrahiim and Guyanese nationals Abdul Kadir and Abdel Nur to be extradited to the U.S on alleged connection to terrorism plot.


UK Event – Human Rights and Israel at 60: A look at the conflicting paths of two contemporaneous projects
04 May 2008
Speakers include: Yehudit Keshet, Jennifer Loewenstein, Daud Abdullah, Michael Warschawski and Meir Marglait.

The Free Tibet Society of London Metropolitan University, presents: ECHOES OF PRISON
13 March 2008
A talk by six Tibetan nuns, who between them have spent 71 years in Drapchi Prison, as political prisoners and are in the UK to pay tribute to their fellow prisoners who died as a result of inhuman treatment in prisons.


Young-Uyghur Women Transferred from Rural China for Forced Labour in Eastern Urban Areas
06 March 2008
Uyghur women targeted by a large-scale government programme to transfer majority of them from rural to urban areas and then forced into labour.


BAHRAIN: Activists Spelling out Torture Agony During First Court Session
13 March 2008
In the trial session for detained human rights activists in Bahrian on 25 February 2008, detainees made statements about their torture.

URGENT Press Release: BAHRAIN: Torture of 15yrs in the street and the detention center
09 March 2008
More Bahrainis arrested after a march calling for release of December detainees

A defeated policy, not a defeated people
07 March 2008
Compared with the silence that surrounded Israel\’s recent massacres of civilians in the Occupied Gaza Strip, condemnation of the shooting attack that killed eight students at the Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva in Jerusalem have been swift.

Gaza\’s humanitarian crisis
06 March 2008
A Detailed report highlighting the facts about what commentators are calling the worst humanitarian crisis since the 1967 Israeli take-over

Israel launches fresh Gaza raid
05 March 2008
Israeli forces have briefly re-entered the Gaza Strip and clashed with Palestinian militants, with two people killed by gunfire, medics said.

Austrian court bans defendant in terrorism trial for wearing burka
03 March 2008
Vienna\’s provincial court on Monday banned a female defendant from trial for refusing to remove her burka in what is the country\’s first case of homegrown Islamist terrorism.

Not about rockets
03 March 2008
A reporter living in the Gaza strip gives an account of the latest round of israeli Incursions into Gaza and the overwhelming carnage being wrought.


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Holy Qur’an: Chapter 4, Verse 75

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