What’s New at www.ihrc.org.uk?

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21 February 2008

What’s New at www.ihrc.org.uk?

In this ‘What’s New’ a series of Alerts outlining recent human rights issues in Slovakia, Bahrain, Spain as well as in Egypt. Press Releases on the landmark ruling on the “freedom of thought” issue and the Archbishop of Canterbury’s remarks. Its World Chechnya Day this weekend.

Press Releases


URGENT ALERT: Slovakia – Supreme Court Decision for the Extradition Mustapha Labsi to Algeria
20 February 2008
The Supreme Court recently decided to allow ‘terror’ suspect Mustapha Labsi to be extradited to Algeria to face possible torture

URGENT ALERT: BAHRAIN – Human Rights Activists Detained and Ill-treated
15 February 2008
Human rights activists in Bahrian reportedly being tortured at the hands of security forces.

Forwarded Alert: Farid Hilali Wrongfully Extradited
12 February 2008
Farid Hilali was extradited to Spain on February 8th 2008, in spite of a number of irregularities with the European Arrest Warrant.

Alert Update: Prisoners of Faith Campaign (Egypt) – Muslim Brotherhood: Khairat Al-Shater
11 February 2008
The Muslim Brotherhood trial to be held on 11 February 2008 will witness the last pleading of the defence team.

Press Releases

Press Release: Bahrain – Detained Human Rights Activists Continue to be Ill-treated
15 February 2008
Bahrain human rights activists continue to be ill-treated as their hearing is postponed to 24 February 2008.

Press Release: UK – IHRC welcomes the FA’s decision to issue guidance on dress code
13 February 2008
IHRC welcomes the FA’s decision to issue guidance on dress code to all coach educators in the UK.

PRESSRELEASE: UK- IHRC welcomes landmark ruling on freedom of thought
13 February 2008
IHRC welcomes the verdict of the Court of Appeal, quashing the
convictions of five young Muslim men.

Press Release: UK – Shock at Backlash Against Archbishop of Canterbury
08 February 2008
Criticism of Rowan Williams indicative of levels of anti-Muslim sentiment

PRESS RELEASE: UK Proposed police reforms
07 February 2008
IHRC is deeply concerned about the proposed relaxation of the stop and search rules.


UK Event – Human Rights and Israel at 60: A look at the conflicting paths of two contemporaneous projects
04 May 2008
Speakers include: Yehudit Keshet, Jennifer Loewenstein, Daud Abdullah, Michael Warschawski and Meir Marglait.

World Chechnya Day
24 February 2008
In February 1944 Stalin ordered the immediate deportation of the entire Chechen and Ingush peoples to the steppes of Central Asia resulting in the deaths of up to half of the population…


Man with a Country
21 February 2008
An interview with Seyed Mohammad Marandi, an American born Iranian who returned to Iran in time to fight in the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980\’s and who is now head of the Department of North American Studies at Tehran University

Rigged Trials at Guantanamo
20 February 2008
Secret evidence. Denial of habeas corpus. Evidence obtained by waterboarding. Indefinite detention. The litany of complaints about the legal treatment of prisoners at Guantánamo Bay is long, disturbing and by now familiar

Five students win terror appeal
13 February 2008
The convictions of five young Muslim men jailed over extremist literature have been quashed by the Appeal Court.

Hysteria against Archbishop \’malicious\’, says human rights group
12 February 2008
A Muslim human rights group has condemned the mass hysteria provoked against the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams following his call for Britain to accommodate some aspects of Sharia law for the country\’s two million Muslim population

Another pogrom, chaps?
10 February 2008
A pre-pogrom atmosphere about Muslims is being cultivated in this country and suprise, suprise the liberal press bears a great deal of responsibility for that.

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