Forwarded Alert: Act Now: Protest Against The Racist Science of Dr. James Watson

We are assured that there are a lot of white folk who have completely different views from the ‘antiquated and endangered species mentality’ of Dr Watson.

The 1990 Trust would like to emphasise that it is no coincidence that Dr Watson’s remarks are timed to be put out to cause the greatest offence during the Black Heritage Season and in a year that commemorates the Bicentenary Anniversary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act. We note that the Transatlantic slave Trade was facilitated by the academically bankrupt proposition of ‘white supremacy’ and fascist thinking, similar to Dr Watson and caused one of the grotesque and sustained genocides in the history of man.

We consider Dr Watson’s scientifically unsustainable claims to be against the public interest as they are injurious to good race relations.

Against this backdrop, the 1990 Trust considers Dr Watson’s statements as an affront to the integrity of all people of African heritage who have contributed and continue to contribute in no small measure to the development and prosperity of Western economies.

We Call On:

(1) All agencies and authorities– public, private and voluntary, including the main political parties, universities, museums, community, voluntary and faith groups to similarly join us in boycotting Dr Watson’s books and publicly disassociate themselves from him.

(2) You to lobby all venues and sponsors / publishers as indicated in his itinerary to withdraw their support forthwith and specifically demand the cancellation of his talk.

(3) Dr Watson to lodge an unreserved public apology to Africa and all people of African origin for his disrespectful remarks and request.

(4) The leadership of his employing University to take appropriate action against him as necessary. His very poisonously racist opinions put students and the unsuspecting public at serious risk.

(5) The public and all agencies including the Science Museum, Barter Books, Centre for Life , Edinburgh and Cambridge Universities etc. etc. who have hitherto collaborated with Dr Watson to publicly disassociate themselves from him and cancel all public engagements forthwith. [Details of Dr Watson’s engagements are detailed at the end of this response].

(6) The genetic science fraternity to do the honourable and ethical thing and distance themselves from the unsustainable claims of Dr Watson.

What You Can do?

We urge all our supporters to Act Now on the above six action points.

For further information please check the following articles.

For more information contact: 1990 Trust Director, Koku Adomdza on:
020 7582 1990 or 07506744568