Forwarded Alert: Murder of British Tourists in India

Forwarded alert from the 1990 Trust


Forwarded Alert: Murder of British Tourists in India

25th May 2007

The Dawood Family Justice Campaign has voiced their support for an Early Day Motion condemning the murder of 3 British tourists in Gujarat India.

The Parliamentary motion comes out after the fifth anniversary of their murders and requests that the British government pursues justice on behalf of the Dawood family through their contacts with the Indian government.

The motion comes on the eve of Foreign and Commonwealth Office minister Dr Kim Howells’ visit to India. Dr Howells recently met with the family and with the Indian Foreign Secretary and has called upon the Indian Govt. to do the ‘right thing’ and carry out a proper investigation with the support of British Police.

To date the Indian Authorities have failed to respond to UK Foreign Secretary and Prime Ministerial offers; straining relations and demonstrating a lack of sincerity. In view of this, Dr Howells initiative to take up this matter will provide the Indian Govt with an ideal opportunity to ‘do the right thing’.


In February 2002 Sakil, Saeed and Imran Dawood along with Mohammed Aswat were on holiday in India and travelling from the Taj Mahal to Gujarat. Upon entering Gujarat, a roadblock manned by Fanatics stopped the British tourists. Mohammed Aswat, Saeed and Sakil were murdered and 18 year old Imran was stabbed but survived. The Doctor who saved the young tourist has subsequently been imprisonment and then forced out of his home and medical practice.

Unfortunately the savagery experienced by these innocent tourists was not unique. Over that month state sponsored anti-Muslim violence in Gujarat claimed the lives of more than 3,000 innocent Men, Women and Children.

According to US based charity Human Rights Watch:

\”What happened in Gujarat was not a spontaneous uprising, it was a carefully orchestrated attack against Muslims. The attacks were planned in advance and organized with extensive participation of the police and state government officials.\”

Double Standards

There are bilateral agreements between UK and India and a history of co-operation between Governments. UK Police flew out to India within days of the murder of British tourist Paul Wells.

A lack of investigation in the Dawood case fuels the perception of double standards.

\”A proper investigation and justice are core human rights, we haven’t even had a funeral so how can we move on? Dr Howells has agreed to take this matter up as a humanitarian mission. We hope and pray that the Indians will do the right thing\” Ismail Dawood, brother of Imran Dawood



This house observes with sadness the recent fifth anniversary of the horrific murders of the Dawood & Aswat family members and extends its deepest sympathies to the family and friends of the victims; deplores the decision of the Gujarat authorities not to properly investigate these horrific crimes and uphold justice by convicting those responsible; notes that during a home affairs select committee visit to Delhi, the then Foreign Secretary, Shyam Saran, said that he would \’leave no stone unturned\’ to get justice for the Dawood family; applauds the recent decision of the United States not to grant a visa to the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi for severe violations of religious freedoms; notes that the Chief Minister of Gujarat is the subject of a civil prosecution for Genocide and Crimes against Humanity; calls for the Indian Government to accept the British government\’s offer of UK Police and Forensic assistance; acknowledges the efforts of Dr Kim Howells in assisting the family via meetings with the family as well as the Indian Foreign Minister Mr Menon earlier this month, and his forthcoming meeting with the Indian Government; calls upon India as the world\’s largest democracy and a secular country to be true to the values this entails and deliver justice for the grieving families of the innocent victims; condemns racism in all its guises and calls for reconciliation between people of all faiths in memory of Sakil, Saeed, Mohammed, the 3,000 Muslims butchered and the thousands of women raped during the Gujarat massacre. mp shahid malik

Notes to Editors

Background information and an extensive archive of media coverage of the Gujarat Genocide is available on the Dawood Family Justice Campaign website at:
There is a perception that due to ‘racial’ sensitivities the UK media have failed to draw attention to the crimes, in stark contrast to other cases, involving the murder of UK tourists abroad.
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