No.10 u-turn over offensive petition

The racially offensive words were listed on Downing Street\’s website as the \”name\” of a signatory.

However No.10 still refuse to take out the petitioners\’ threat of \”terrible violence and suffering\” should the so-called mega-mosque go ahead in Stratford, east London.

Downing Street\’s webmaster has not responded to two emails from Blink, but earlier this month the webmaster told a reader: \”Having accepted the petition under the terms and
conditions of the time, we cannot now reject it under rules introduced later.

\”However, the issues raised in the petition will be dealt with in
the response sent to all who sign when the petition closes.\”

But today\’s action, removing the words \”KILL ALL N*****S\” from the signatures list, shows that No.10 can intervene.

In further developments, the petitioner Jill Barham\’s English Rose blog, which was full of vile anti-Muslim tirades, was closed today. It is possible the content will be moved to a new blog address.

Blink had pointed out to Downing Street yesterday that many of the signatries to the mosque petition would have been unaware of the petitioners\’ extreme-right tendancies, and may not have signed it had they known.

In a third email to Downing Street\’s webmaster, Blink writes: \’We are again disappointed that you continue not to even acknowledge previous emails, while at the same time responding to others over the same matter.

\’Whilst we are pleased that you have removed the words \”KILL ALL N*****S\” from the signatories list, this action proves that you can amend petitions when you want to.

\’We therefore ask you, once again, to remove the words \”terrible violence and suffering\” from the petition. This is clearly a threat of violence against Muslims, made by a petitioner Jill Barham whose own blog is clear evidence of her far-right tendancies.

\’As we have said, had many of the signatries to the mosque petition known of her race hatred they would not have signed the No.10 petition.\’

Downing Street\’s webmaster can be emailed on:

Update – 30th April

Jill Barham\’s English Rose website has been relaunched as \”White Information Link (WINK)!\” Pathetic really…